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The Bellini Family, headed by Luigi Bellini, starts braiding straw for hats and handbags in Florence in the late 1800’s. LuigiBellini At the time and until the late 1970’s, in fact, braided straw fashion accessories were typically an Italian specialty. From the 1950’s, leather tanning and leather handbag and shoe manufacturing become increasingly popular in Italy. While the straw market declines.
Like most manufacturers in Italy, Bellini produces for third party brands. Around 2005, Bellini starts to market their designs under the brand Bellini, a registered trademark.

Bellini currently offers over 200 styles which range from evergreen classics to trendy designs.
There are two product lines: “Bellini Collection”, which features more classic designs and very detailed workmanship and “Bellini Wave Collection” which offers younger, trendier designs at an affordable price. All in all, over 200 styles are available. Bellini brand handbags take advantage from the fact of being in the middle of the world’s premier manufacturing district for luxury handbags. In fact Bellini uses many of the same suppliers for quality Italian leather and metal fittings as the world’s top 20 brands, therefore delivering outstanding quality at very competitive prices.

Bellini brand is distributed through its own online outlet (limited design selection) www.followtheleather.com ; Florence outlet store Showroom01, as well as through a network of about 50 independent retailers mostly located in North America and northern European countries. Special, limited-time campaigns are carried out throughout the year at Amazon Buy Vip, Beyond the Rack, Kupi-Vip and other world-class retail portals. Bellini brand is now high ranking in search engines together with world famous brands.

Bellini brand is investing continuously in new designs, materials, marketing campaigns and technological innovation such as the new intelligent handbag interior lighting system (in prototype phase at the time of writing).

Thanks to its history, appealing style, affordable price and Italian quality, Bellini now feels ready to approach the Asian market with confidence and to find success among consumers eager to distinguish themselves by the Made in Italy fashions. 5187

Bellini is now reaching into other product categories also of Made in Italy products. Such as jewel sandals, silk scarves, nappa gloves, leather belts, jewellery, leather jackets, mens shirts, home fragrances. All with the same philosophy of offering a quality Made in Italy product to wholesale buyers at an affordable price and with low minimums, fast turnaround, the possibility of private label.

Marino Caliterna

Great-grandson of Luigi Bellini (class of 1875)Marino
and now CEO of Belliniborse.com